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Note Cards

Note Cards

Receiving a personal Note Card can make a lasting impression in a world full of digital distractions. Sending "Thank You" after a referral or listing presentation, "Congratulations" on a dream home, or a quick "Happy Birthday" message builds relationships and shows that you care.

• Folded Note Card Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25"

• Includes Mailing Envelopes


Using note cards can be a creative and personal way for real estate professionals to enhance their business marketing strategy. Here are five ways note cards can be effectively utilized for generating leads and referrals:

Personalized Thank-You Notes:

Send handwritten thank-you notes to clients after a successful transaction or meeting. Express your gratitude for their business and loyalty. Include a personal touch by mentioning specific details about their property or preferences. This gesture not only shows appreciation but also keeps you top of mind for future referrals.

Birthday and Anniversary Greetings:

Keep track of your clients' birthdays and the anniversaries of their home purchase. Send them personalized note cards with well wishes and perhaps a small, thoughtful gift or discount on a home service. This helps in building a stronger personal connection and increases the likelihood of them recommending you to friends or family.

Holiday Greetings and Updates:

Send holiday greetings to your clients with a brief update on the real estate market or any relevant news. This keeps you connected and provides value beyond the transaction. Consider including a magnetic calendar or branded notepad for an added touch. Clients may share these materials with others, expanding your reach.

Referral Request Cards:

Design note cards specifically asking for referrals. Politely remind your clients that you thrive on referrals and would be grateful for any recommendations. You can include a small incentive, such as a discount on future services, to encourage them further. Handing out these cards during in-person meetings or including them in a follow-up mailing can be effective.

Local Event Invitations:

Use note cards to invite clients to local events or seminars related to real estate or community activities. Handwritten invitations demonstrate a personal touch and show that you care about their engagement beyond property transactions. This can also serve as an opportunity to network and meet potential clients or other professionals in the industry.