Corefact Marketing Systems

We bring print and the web together

At Corefact, we know that in order to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t continue to market yourself in traditional ways. Corefact’s patent-pending marketing systems help you generate leads, build relationships and promote properties using the most innovative tools available in the industry.

Generate Leads

Our Lead Generation systems combine the best of direct mail and web technology to drive prospects online and provide you with unprecedented response rates.

Build Relationships

Once you’ve captured a lead, we provide you with follow-up systems you need to convert the lead into a client.

Promote Listings

Once you sign that listing agreement, we provide you with a complete portfolio of property promotion products that get top dollar for your client.

Customer Testimonials

Hey guys, I just wanted to say, "Thank You!" for getting the flyers to me. My clients loved them and it made me look good to get such a quality flyer out to them in such a short time. I literally took the listing on Tuesday and had it on the market yesterday with flyers today.
Andy Tse
I got my first call this morning on my new web site. A woman who is relocating to the area was looking on Craigslist and went to my web site. She loved it and she loved the Pictures on the slide show. Thanks for the nice job!
Lisa Eccleston